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I'm Michelle. So happy you stopped by! 

You'll find all my really old work on this site. The vibe is "overstuffed hall closet" chock full of work that I love, but doesn't fit into my portfolio due to age, aptitude, or aesthetic. Some of it good, and some of it is not so great! But each project here has been important to me, and the content ranges from student work, design challenges, motion graphics, tactile typography, calligraphy, illustration, surface design and more.

I work as a type designer and lettering artist. My projects include branding, packaging, paper goods, apparel, animations - any surface or application that requires beautifully crafted letters. My aesthetic combines styles from different eras and genres with witty details to create compelling, whimsical type.

The first part of my working life was outside of the creative field, in finance and consulting (bachelors in Economics - egads!). I returned to my creative roots in 2014, after completing the 3 year Graphic Design certificate from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design (MCAD), and followed up in 2019 with a Master of Arts. In 2021, I earned a Certificate in TypeFace Design in Type@Cooper’s Condensed Program (Cooper Union NYC). I also have a certificate in user experience design, and probably some other certs that I'm not remembering. If I won the lottery, there is no doubt that I would become a professional student.

My studio is in Minneapolis, Minnesota, obsessed with drawing ampersands, and have a super adorable English Bulldog named Walter Cronkite.

Hope you enjoy!