Tofte Patterns

Traditional repeating patterns with a twist, made from photographs of plants and flowers on an annual fall trip to Northern Minnesota.
Tofte, botanical, repeating patterns, Michelle Webster, Minneapolis, Minnesota, design, surface design,


Project: Organic repeats playing on the traditional themes of chevron, kaleidoscope, damask and mandala.

Media: Botanicals photographed with iPhone, processed and assembled into the repeats using Adobe Photoshop

Skills: Surface design, photography, photo editing

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Michelle Webster, Minneapolis, Minnesota, designer, surface design, damask, botanical, patternImageImageImage


We visit the North Shore of Minnesota every fall, when the region is ablaze with color. It is a beautiful place to create a little art. The patterns are made from flowers, berries, twigs and fall leaves gathered on my daily hike, wrapped carefully  in damp paper towels in a Tupperware. Back at the cabin, I photographed the day's score in sets on watercolor paper, using my iPhone and a pizza box "reflector." On the inevitable rainy day of the trip, I processed the images to brighten the white background, remove shadows, and separate the items. The pattern components were then assembled into repeats in Photoshop.